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Waxing vs. Threading

Which is better?

The number one question I get on a daily basis is, “Which is better waxing or threading?” My answer is neither. Waxing isn’t better than threading and threading isn’t better than waxing. They are both great. Each method does the following:

  • Pulls the hair out of the follicle
  • Gives a clean finish
  • Last about 2 – 4 weeks

Myth Buster

Myth 1 – Wax pulls your skin and eventually causes your skin to sag.

FALSE. Your skin sags with age. Its primarily due to loss of volume in the underlying structures, such as soft tissue, fat and bone. If you think about it, you are pulling your skin tight while threading. So why doesn’t this myth apply to threading but only waxing?

Myth 2 – I’ve heard clients tell me “You get cleaner lines when waxing” and “You get cleaner lines when threading.”

You get clean sharp lines with both methods. The only method where you don’t get a manicured brow shape is with tweezing because you cant get all of the vellus hair.

Myth 3 – The professional has more control of the shape when threading.

FALSE. Ask any esthetician, cosmetologist or threader you have your good days and your bad days. You can slip up with either method. I’ve noticed professionals only talk negative about a particular method if they aren’t good at that service. Then they pass their bias unto the client.

Myth 4 – Threading last longer than waxing.

FALSE. Threading and waxing both pulls the hair out of its follicle. There is no study proving that one last longer than the other.

Last Words

At Esthetic Haus we provide both waxing and threading because everyone can’t get facial waxing due to medication, anti-aging products, chemical peels, etc. The only time we recommend threading over waxing is if the client is on Accutane, recently had a chemical peel, using Retin-A’s, etc. Other than that its our clients preference.

Let us know if you’ve heard any other myths about waxing and threading. We will let you know if it is true or false.

~ Courtney