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Hassle-Free Eyebrow Hair Removal
Brow Threading

Expert Eyebrow Threading in Chicago, IL

Creating the Perfect Shape & Symmetry

It’s all fun and games until you see a photo of your eyebrows from 2006. You remember the vibes: thin, lifeless, overarched hairs that barely showed any form of personality. As much as we adore a throwback moment, your eyebrows are not the way to pay tribute to the past. At Esthetic Haus, we offer eyebrow threading to ensure a precise hair removal process that leaves your brows full of life and beautifully symmetrical.

Feel the difference as unwanted hairs are delicately lifted away, revealing your brows’ natural appearance. Schedule a brow threading appointment with us today!

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Get Picture-Perfect Brows with Eyebrow Threading

As an ancient art, eyebrow threading meticulously targets each individual hair to craft crisp, symmetrical brows every time. Our skilled estheticians use a thin cotton thread, doubled and twisted, to expertly glide over your skin, capturing and removing unwanted hairs from the follicle. As the thread gently removes fine hairs, it reveals the natural beauty of your brows in a shape that compliments your facial features.

This hair removal approach ensures minimal contact with the skin, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitivity or precise grooming habits.

Eyebrow Thread Pricing

Thread & Tint...$49
Thread Trifecta (brow thread, brow tint, lash tint)...$74
Brow Tweeze...$42+
Tweeze & Tint...$53
Tweeze Trifecta (brow tweeze, brow tint, lash tint)...$75

The Power of Eyebrow Threading Unleashed

Discover the advantages that set eyebrow threading apart as a premier beauty technique.

Precise Process

Brow threading removes a row of hairs at a time, giving you a precise brow shape.

Gentle on Skin

Since the thread is the only thing touching your skin, you won’t experience irritation.

Lasting Results

Threading pulls hairs from the root, offering results that last up to three weeks.

Healthy Regrowth

Frequent threading leads to slower & finer hair regrowth, resulting in easier renewal.

Up Your Brow Game With an Eyebrow Tint

Up Your Brow Game With an Eyebrow Tint

Ditch the brow pencil and get your eyebrows tinted instead. With an eyebrow tinting appointment at Esthetic Haus, you can enjoy effortless, flawless brows that match your mood. We offer a variety of semi-permanent brow shades, so you always have the option to change up your look, matching your skin tone, hair color, and more.

Brow & Lash Tint Pricing

Brow Tint...$23
Lash Tint...$34
Lash Lift & Lash Tint...$140
Wax & Tint...$49
Thread & Tint...$49
Tweeze & Tint...$53
Wax Trifecta (brow wax, brow tint, lash tint)...$68
Threaded Trifecta (brow thread, brow tint, lash tint)...$74
Tweeze Trifecta (brow tweeze, brow tint, lash tint)...$75

Brow Threading FAQs

We value your curiosity and are prepared to answer all your questions about eyebrow threading and any of our other services.

Eyebrow threading is a very quick and easy hair removal process, only taking about 15 minutes or less.
You’ll receive a consultation before your threading appointment so you know exactly what you’ll have done before it’s done.
Hair growth varies from person to person, but we recommend you have your eyebrows threaded every three to five weeks.
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At Esthetic Haus, we’re dedicated to creating beautifully sculpted brows that help you express your personality from the moment you meet someone.

Eyebrows: The Only Thing You Can Get into Shape Without Exercising

Discover the world of eyebrow threading at Esthetic Haus, where each thread is a stroke of confidence, shaping your brows into a work of art. We’d be happy to give you guidance on which service works best for you. If you are interested please share the below information with us and we will contact you.

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