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Lash Lift

Luscious Lash Lift Treatments in Chicago, IL

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Lashes

If loving your lashes is a crime, it’s time to plead guilty! Gone are the days of staring at the reflection in the mirror and seeing non-existent eyelashes. Instead, wake up feeling ready to take on the day without touching your eyelash curler or mascara—that’s right, we’re talking about lash lifts and tinting! At Esthetic Haus, we offer lash lift treatments that provide you with dramatic, full lashes all day long. But our services don’t stop there. Perk up the vibrancy with a lash tint and become the woman everyone stops to ask, “Are those your real lashes?”

Flaunt your lashes from morning to night with confidence that they’re perfectly lifted, curled, and turning heads. Book an appointment with Esthetic Haus today!

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Goodbye Mascara, Hello Lash Lift

Lash lifts offer a mesmerizing transformation by elevating your natural lashes to new heights. The process involves several carefully performed steps, beginning with the application of a gentle adhesive that secures your lashes onto a curved silicone shield. Once the lashes are comfortably positioned, a specially formulated lifting solution is applied to encourage the lashes to take on their new curvature. Step up your lash lift by adding a lash tint to your session, designed to give them shine and deep, long-lasting color that can quickly and easily replace messy, clumpy mascara.

Showcase your eyes in a whole new light with lashes that appear longer and more voluminous.

Lash Lift Pricing

Lash Lift...$115
Lash Lift & Tint...$140

Lifting Up Your Confidence One Lash at a Time

Explore the benefits associated with receiving a lash lift from the professionals at Esthetic Haus.

Enhanced Curl

Lash lifts create the illusion of larger, more open eyes and a natural upward curl.

Lasting Results

You won’t need to curl your lashes daily as the effects will last for six to eight weeks.

Low Maintenance

You can continue with your regular skincare and makeup routine without worry.

Safe & Gentle

This service uses gentle solutions, making it safe for a majority of skin types.

a woman taking a selfie
a woman taking a selfie

Lash Lift & Tint FAQs

You’ve decided to move forward with a lash lift, and naturally, you have a ton of questions. We’ve answered a few of the most common questions to ease your mind.

Yes. Please wait 72 hours before any type of serum or oil. Remember new lashes will not be curled.
Lash tints are ideal for those who want darker, longer, maintenance-free lashes. Additionally, if mascara irritates your eyes or is inconvenient to apply, consider a lash tint.
For the first 24 hours, you should avoid:

  • Getting your lashes wet, including swimming, saunas, and steam
  • Rubbing your eyes for any reason
  • Applying eye makeup

We’ll provide aftercare instructions to ensure you experience the best results possible.

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Life is short, and your lashes most certainly shouldn’t be. At Esthetic Haus, our carefully crafted lash lift and tinting services can be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Lashes are all the drama you need

Regain your confidence in bearing a fresh, makeup-free face each day by enhancing your look with an eyelash lift and tint from Esthetic Haus. We’d be happy to give you guidance on which service works best for you. If you are interested please share the below information with us and we will contact you

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